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Chris Gongora

[’kris gawn-gohr-ah]


A person, usually male and unusually tall, whose natural habitat is the stage. A juxtaposition personified. For example, a Mexican who doesn’t like onions and cilantro or an entertainer who loves performing in front of people yet is debilitatingly shy and awkward when at a social function. He or she is always seeking out creative ventures, is a natural night owl, and is probably too nice for his or her own good.

see also: jack-of-all-trades master-of-none, the gentle giant, mo-magic

Carlos Flores

[kahr-lohs, -luh s; Spanish kahr-laws] Flores (ˈflɔːrɛs )


Aztec demigod who wields a mighty stringed instrument that shoots taco lightning. Guitarist extraordinaire, not to be confused with someone who simply plays the guitar. Strong, fiery, and chill individual, who loves literature and is an avid futbol aficionado.

see also: badass

David Rodgers

[dey-vid; Dutch dah-vuh t; French/Hebrew da-veed; Spanish dah-veeth] [roj-erz]


Banging repeatedly on percussive objects (or non-percussive objects such as couch buttons) to provide sustenance for those seeking to be entertained or moved. The rhythmic conveyance of sound to complement tonal, chordal and vocal images. The gluing and interpretation of musical images and patterns for the hopeful benefit of the listener(s) subjected to same.

see also: daviding

Bella Luna

[bel-uh loo-nuh; Spanish bel-ah loo-nah]


A dynamically divergent enigma, usually coated in glitter and filled with alcohol. A crazy independent individual, often in need of stability and hugs. A Spanish-speaking vixen with the power to melt your heart, or your pants, or both at the same time. A lover of puppies and rain who will kick your ass with sexy. Bonus: She sings.

see also: sultry songbird, racy rocker, burlesque beauty, sideshow siren, boozy blogger

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